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Since I was a child horses have played a fundamental role in my life. 

I was ten when I rode a horse for the first time. In that moment I understood that I would never leave these wonderful animals for the rest of my life.

Horses taught me how to control my feelings and to overcome every obstacle.

They allowed me to know me better, to become more confident and to find out beautiful new worlds. 

One of these is Photography. 

My biggest dream is to make people experience what I feel for horses through my photographs and to inspire girls and boys who see their own horse as  a "partner life".

Each project has been shot in 35mm film.

Some of the pictures I've shot over the years to some incredible duo.

Every girl I've portrayed has a different story and has walked a different path from the other ones, but they all have the same purpose: to live in harmony and respect with their own horse. 


Something Human is a project I made for my IED Graduation in Photography. 

It is a collection of pictures and texts which has the aim to show what the word "duo" means to me.

This book tells about the stories of three girls that have been able to create a strong relationship with their own horses, based on love, trust and respect, becoming the "safe place" to each other. 

Through 35mm film photos printed in a darkroom by myself and bounded with my horse's mane, Something Human is dedicated to anyone who doesn't see his/her own horse just as an animal or an athlete.


I have been able to give birth to this project thanks to Sarah, my horse, who has guided me, lending to me her eyes and her heart. 

Exposed at Art&Cavallo, Fieracavalli Verona 2020 

SPARKS 'n BLINGS // 35mm films

Thanks to Sparks 'n Blings I had the possibility to work near to some beautiful duo. 

I love to find out what makes a duo rider - horse special and I can really say my aim during a shooting

is to show it on my pictures. These are some of the riders I have portrayed on 35mm films with

their beautiful partners. 


This project came to my mind during the research process for my Graduation thesis. 

I discovered Koto Bolofo's works and I immediately fell in love with them.

His pictures pushed me to find a new way to express myself, a less rustic approach to portrait the couples I truly appreciate. 

I wanted to illustrate the love between a horse and his human friend looking for some clean and sensitive pictures, showing the delicacy and elegance that they can create through their relationship. 

The protagonists of this project are Lisa and Esme, one of the most beautiful duo I have ever shoot to. 

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